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World War Z

World War Z sequel teased, Saber plans to continue support

Saber Interactive, now under new management at THQ Nordic, hints at a zombie-filled sequel and ongoing support.

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World War Z did the business for Saber Interactive, and that success was enough to tempt THQ Nordic parent company Embracer Group into making an investment and buying the company.

Since the acquisition of the studio, which was also recently bolstered by the arrival of ex-id developer Tim Willits, we've had an update on the roadmap ahead, and World War Z features prominently after selling "between three to four million copies" so far.

"We have a large team that's continuing to support the title. It's a great franchise for us, we see a lot of potential in the future," CEO Matthew Karch told investors (via VGC).

World War Z

"I wouldn't be surprised if we continued to work on it and we certainly don't want to abandon our fanbase because the way games are made these days is, it's constantly feeding your fanbase even if the content is free, that's how you keep your community alive, and if you want to ever get to the sequel, you've got to keep them there, and so we understand that even games that are for sale are games as a service, so that's the way we approach all our development with all the games that we're working on."

Karch also discussed the IP itself, hinting at a long-term deal that will see the studio continuing support of WWZ, explaining that the studio has "some pretty good protections and we can continue to develop that franchise and plan to."

If you were a fan of last year's co-op zombie shooter, which you can see in action below, this will all be music to your ears.


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