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World War Z

World War Z: Aftermath gets a new trailer ahead of its September launch

The new version will include new episodes, and even a new-gen specific game mode.

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This September, Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive will be bringing the next era of World War Z to fans. Set to be known as World War Z: Aftermath this version of the title will be bringing two new story episodes to explore, as well as support for PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, catapulting the game into the new generation.

With the release date for the expansion set for September 21, we've now received a new Gamescom trailer that shows off everything that is coming in a little more depth. You can watch the trailer, and even find a summary of what is included in Aftermath below.


Aftermath will include the full World War Z experience, meaning all the content from the base game and the Game of the Year Edition. On top of this, we'll get two new episodes, taking us to the Vatican City, and to the snowbound Kamchatka region of Russia.

Furthermore, we can expect a new melee system with new weapons to use, including sickles, fire axes, sledgehammers, and cleavers, and to make this part even more immersive, Aftermath will feature the game's first optional first-person mode.

There will also be support for new-gen consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series), which will allow the game to be played at 4K/60fps on consoles for the first time. The new-gen and PC version will also offer up a new mode called Horde XL, which will cram more zombies on screen than ever before, and will be coming via a post-launch free update.

World War Z

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