World War 3

World War 3's Giga Patch is the biggest update so far

The 0.6 update introduces new maps, weapons, vehicles, and more, all of which comes with a discount this weekend.

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The Farm 51 has revealed that World War 3 is getting its biggest update since launching in early access, called the Giga Patch no less. This 0.6 update isn't just about performance improvements either, as there's plenty of brand new content to be seen as well, all of which can be enjoyed at a 40% discount on Steam until May 20.

This update includes a new forest map called Smolensk, as well as a new winter map Polyarny. On top of that we also have the SA-80 and M4 WMS weapons; attack helicopter drone; IFV AJAX and IFV BTR-90 vehicles; the MRAP; the British Armed Forces uniform; and winter camouflages cosmetics.

Elsewhere there's an overhauled spotting system to improve communication, as well as a voice chat system, allowing you to press a button to communicate with the squad. Mobile spawn points via the MRAP lets team members spawn on different map locations as well.

The full patch notes for the update can be found here. Have you tried the game?

World War 3

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