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World of Warcraft: Classic

World of Warcraft Hardcore sabateur causes permanent death of 36 players

It seems we now have an actual Leroy Jenkins after 36 devoted fans had their characters erased for good...

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Although World of Warcraft's latest expansion Dragonflight was well received by critics and players alike, many still prefer the classic WoW in the form of either Wrath of the Lich King Classic or World of Warcraft Classic (vanilla). The latter has been around for so many years that people know the content inside out, so people on various private servers have been experimenting with concepts to make the experience fresher. One of the concepts that really took the player base by storm was the concept of a Hardcore Mode, where you only have one life and your character is deleted when you die. In fact, the concept became so popular that Blizzard released an official version of Hardcore Classic on August 24.

The original World of Warcraft, with its old design philosophy and slow, methodical gameplay, is a time-consuming endeavor. It takes a long, long time to reach the highest level, where much of the most interesting content is made available. Since you only have one life, the whole experience becomes extremely nerve-wracking, as no one wants to sacrifice so many hours of work. This has given rise to the concept of 'griefing', where players deliberately cause the death of other players - and thus hundreds of hours of wasted game time.

Now a player named Tinyviolin has taken that concept to a whole new level. He joined a clan of players who had been preparing for about a year to kill the final boss in the game's last raid. And in the end, they ran into the Fortress of Terror to take down the boss. But Tinyviolin had other plans. During another boss battle called The Four Horsemen, Tinyviolin's job as a tank was to lead one of the four horsemen into a corner and keep him occupied, but instead he led the death machine into the center of the group. The result was catastrophic debuffs that resulted in the permanent death of 36 players.

You can see the disaster and the reactions below:

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World of Warcraft: Classic

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