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World of Warcraft: Classic

World of Warcraft: Classic won't be coming soon

J. Allen Brack clarified the "massive effort" in front of them.

BlizzCon took place last weekend, and among the big announcements was the reveal of World of Warcraft: Classic, the return of 'vanilla' WoW, something that has been requested for a while now. Executive producer J. Allen Brack has recently spoken in an interview about the project, however, indicating that it won't be coming soon.

"This is a massive effort. This is a very, very significant effort. I would not expect it to be soon. We actually don't know when we're going to release it. I know that's a generic answer that we give for all of our Blizzard titles, but with this one, we don't actually know how long it will take," he explained.

"The important announcement today was: we're doing this. We've heard the community, we've heard our own internal teams, we've heard all the comments over the years. When it comes to the details, we don't know all of the answers just yet," he also said. "There's also the fact that now we've announced this, we might want to partner with the community on some of those answers. WOW changed a lot in the first two years, before The Burning Crusade came along, and so, how exactly should it work? Those are questions we need to talk about, for sure."

Is World of Warcraft: Classic something you've been desiring?

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