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World of Tanks

World of Tanks VR takes aim at public VR centers

Wargaming joins forces with VRTech to create Neurogaming, the company in charge of spreading their VR rooms around the world.

Wargaming is investing heavily in VR through their joint-venture together with one of the most powerful Russian companies in the field, VRTech. The result is Neurogaming, which aims to spread VR gaming in a location-based setting. The idea is to add more interactivity beyond the headset.

Naturally, World of Tanks VR, based on their most popular franchise, is the first game developed by the new 75-man strong studio in Moscow. There's no footage yet, but Slava Makarov, WoT creator, promises a more "affordable and accessible experience" compared to consumer VR, and plans to add "cooperative and competitive" elements in the future.

That's about the software, while VRTech adds the hardware components, consisting of both the CinemaVR platform, which is already in use in 36 theatres in Russia, and PolygonVR, a much more advanced body+equipment system, that Gamereactor tried out at TGS last September.

There are several aspects that the teams are connecting together behind the scenes, so now it's a matter of finding out how the World of Tanks VR experience will turn out and where we might be able to try it out.

World of Tanks

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