World of Tanks

World of Tanks' very own Battle Pass has rolled into town

For the first time in World of Tanks history, the game has incorporated a season pass.

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Starting today and running until June 10, World of Tanks has finally joined the trend of adding in a season pass to its free-to-play game. Throughout the next three months, players will have the opportunity to unlock rewards and new additions for gameplay experiences.

Wargaming has confirmed that its Battle Pass will not be a one-off, in fact, it will return for a number of seasons and the prizes will include unique 'Bounty Equipment', with the 'Bounty Rammer' and 'Bounty Gun Laying Device'. Players can also earn Premium Account time, credits, customisation elements, and other in-game goodies.

Unlike other battle passes, this one will include two separate phases, Main and Elite. The main phase will include 45 stages with the Elite having 100. Once players make their way through the main phase they will be rewarded with an exclusive 3D style for one of the two special vehicles (the Super Conqueror or the Object 277) and a commander with enough XP to learn three extra skills.

In order to experience the battle pass, however, players must have at least one Tier VI or higher vehicle available.

For more information about the Battle Pass, be sure to check out the full article here.


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