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World of Tanks

World of Tanks getting Xbox One X enhanced

Including some exclusive new features.

Another day, another game confirmed as being Xbox One X enhanced, and this time it's the free-to-play success World of Tanks that, starting today, is playable in 4K resolution with added HDR support on the new console.

TJ Wagner, Creative Director and Executive Producer at Wargaming's Chicago-Baltimore studio, had this to say about the new enhancements:

"We are honored that World of Tanks is one of the launch titles today on the Xbox One X. The capabilities the new platform offers has allowed us to make World of Tanks look and play better than ever before on Xbox. Our team has been hard at work to enhance every aspect of the game, and we are looking forward to how the game will keep evolving on the platform to give the best tank gaming experience out there."

A World of Tanks X Edition Starter Kit has been launched on Microsoft's console which includes the base game as well as an "American Tier II T1E6-X1 Light Tank including 100% Trained Crew plus a free Garage Slot and 3 Days Premium time to give the new soldiers a boost to start with". also offers another addition for all those who wish to wage some war in World of Tanks on the Xbox One X: "Exclusively available in the Microsoft Store is the immaculate Xbox Scorpion Bundle, which celebrates the new addition to the Xbox One family. It includes crew customization vouchers, Premium Time, XP Boosts along with special camouflage crew and the fierce M56 Scorpion, an American Tier VII Tank Destroyer that is perfect for snipers who also like to be on the move. Other tankers will certainly feel the sting as players leave their mark on the battlefield! Tank commanders can even add the Scorpion emblem included in this bundle to their tank."

Will you be jumping in to play World of Tanks in 4K?

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