World of Tanks

World of Tanks Console reawakens some monsters

The event will bring a freaky new game mode, alongside the return of some dangerous seasonal tanks.

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World of Tanks Console has announced that for this Halloween, it will be challenging players to release the beast across two spooky-themed maps, Grim Graveyard and Dead City. Available on all generations of PS4 and Xbox One, this event will start today, October 27, lasting until November 3.

For the duration of the event, anyone who has previously earned a Monster Tank will receive an updated 'Reawakened' version that doubles its available health. Those who do not own a Monster Tank will be given a Spectre tank for the length of the event to be able to partake in the new Monsters Awakened game mode.

Alongside the new freaky game modes and tanks, all repairs and ammunition costs will be free for all players, making it even easier to send your foes to the grave in a swift swoop. You can check out a further explanation of the event here.

World of Tanks
World of Tanks

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