Wonder Woman 1984 is receiving a home release in March

It's planned to hit digital storefronts March 16 and will launch physically March 30.

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Wonder Woman 1984, a film that was tragically missed by many as it premiered in the midst of lockdown in the UK, has been revealed to be receiving a home release in March.

On March 16 the film is scheduled to hit digital storefronts (this includes PlayStation, Amazon, and Microsoft Store), and on March 30, it will launch physically on Blu-Ray, DVD, and as part of a 4K Combo Pack. The combo pack, as expected, includes Wonder Woman 1984 and the original Wonder Woman movie in one package.

Fortunately, we were able to catch the film when it released last December. In our review we said: "Wonder Woman 1984 is a truly enjoyable movie to watch, even if the first hour serves as a very slow method of delivering plot with little to no action involved."

Are you planning to pick this one up when it releases?

Wonder Woman 1984 is receiving a home release in March

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