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Rocket League

Wolves Esports has announced its new Rocket League team

The roster will be competing in the 2021/22 Rocket League Championship Series.

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Wolves Esports has revealed the latest iteration of its Rocket League team, a roster that is set to compete in the next season of the Rocket League Championship Series. Announced in a blog post, the team includes three players and a coach, with those individuals being; Euan "Tadpole" Ingram, Zakariya "TriToN" Gavrilenko, Kieran "rehzzy" Hogan, and Joessi "Juicy" Moorman (coach).

As part of the announcement, Wolves esports manager, Michael Moriarty said, "I'm thrilled to be able to bring these guys into Wolves as our next Rocket League team. We've spent a fair amount of time looking into who'll be the best fit for our organisation, and with these three players on board I feel that we've done that."

"We're matching the experience of Tadpole with the raw ability and talent of TriToN and Rehzzy. I can't wait to see how all three of these players learn from each other and create a solid package that will be set to make a strong challenge in the RLCS this season."

This iteration of Wolves Esports is set to make its debut this weekend when it takes part in the open qualifier for the first regional event in the RLCS calendar.

Rocket League

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