Wolves Esports enters the sim-racing scene with Wolves GR Esports

The team has already signed two drivers.

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Sim-racing is growing more and more every year, so it's no surprise that more and more esports organisations are looking to enter the scene. The latest of that bunch is Wolves Esports who has announced that they have formally created a sim-racing team in partnership with GR Racing.

The team will be regarded as Wolves GR Esports and will be looking to compete in the Formula Pro series taking place on the rFactor 2 platform very soon. The first race will be as soon as July 19 and the full tournament will include six races, one every fortnight, with the first taking place on the Belgian track of Spa-Francorchamps.

Wolves GR Esports has already signed two drivers who will represent the team. The first is Adam Maguire from Ireland, who starred as one of Wolves Esports Le Mans Virtual drivers last year. The second is Liam de Waal from the Netherlands, who has also, alike Maguire, competed in several sim-racing events over the past few years.

Wolves Esports enters the sim-racing scene with Wolves GR Esports
Wolves Esports

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