Wizard with a Gun
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Wizard with a Gun announced during the Devolver Digital conference

Why use magic when you have a gun?

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The Devolver Digital Summer Game Fest showcase has, so far, been exactly what we would've hoped: a chaotic and outright crazy whirlwind of random nonsense with some cool indie game announcements dotted in between.

During the show, Devolver just announced a multiplayer survival sandbox game that sees players don the role of a wizard, but the catch is that you won't be using magic to your advantage. Why you ask? Because you have a gun of course. That's right, Wizard with a Gun (developed by Galvanic Games) will ask players to explore its colourful, unusual world and defeat plenty of strange beasties along the way.

You can check out the reveal trailer below or the look at the Steam page over here, which also states that we will get to see the game release next year, 2022, on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Wizard with a Gun

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