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Wizama's SquareOne is a digital board game console

The digital tabletop system has an interactive, switchable board, with NFC-powered dice and cards.

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At the ongoing Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, French startup Wizama has introduced a more finalised version of the SquareOne, a digital board game console designed for users to play traditional board games with a modern twist via a tablet-based device.

Other than naturally changing the game and its themed-board, the prototype allows for digital interaction with physical elements such as pawns, dice or cards, which are connected and registered wirelessly via NFC and Bluetooth. Different games and boards will be available to download, while the digital aspect means that you can save replays, profiles or change the interface language, among other things.

For now, the concept has been presented at CES with simple games based on reimagined classics, but if flexible and successful enough, it looks like it could be easily expanded with mainstream blockbusters such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, or Risk, or even more recent titles such as Scythe and Ticket to Ride.

With the line between digital and analogue gaming blurring all the time, we think this one could well find an eager audience.

Wizama's SquareOne is a digital board game console

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