With xCloud "you have the full console experience in your hands"

We talked to Kevin LaChapelle after Microsoft's press event and found out more about the company's cloud-gaming platform.

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xCloud general manager Kevin LaChapelle joined us at E3 2019 after Phil Spencer spent some time talking about the new cloud-based service, and during our talk, he shared a lot of little details about the cloud gaming platform.

"What you saw there is actually the Xbox games running in a data centre but 400 miles from here, over WiFi network on a conference - kind of crazy - and you have the full console quality experience in your hands."

Asked if xCloud could run any Xbox game playable, he answered that "technically that's true. Our hardware is a 100% compatible with the Xbox One system, so if the game can run in the Xbox One it can run in the Xbox servers".

"What we show you today, you need roughly 10 Mb of bandwidth so any... and it will run on 4G, it will run on WiFi. And so in the Theather, we worked very hard to make sure that we have a very clean wireless signal for us and we had the ability to go hardwired in case the wireless spectrum gets challenging."

At E3 2019, as in previous demos, xCloud is running on Android-based mobile phones, but the number of compatible devices will grow, including consoles, as they told at last night conference, so we wanted to know more about that version of the platform. "While we are not getting into a lot of details yet on exactly how the mechanism is but it would be very similar to xCloud. You'll have an application in your device that you load and connects you to the data centre", he told us.

See the full interview below for more on Microsoft's big plan to take gaming to the cloud.


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