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Witch It

Witch It is exiting Steam Early Access on October 22

The title is also now on sale until September 10 which is the perfect time to get it cheap ahead of its launch later on next month.

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Publisher Daedalic Entertainment and developer Barrel Roll Games have announced that the popular multiplayer Hide and Seek game Witch It will be leaving Early Access and will celebrate its full release on Steam with an extensive update on October 22. The multiplayer hit has reached around 750,000 players since its Early Access launch in May 2017. The game is currently on sale on Steam until September 10th. You can watch the new trailer below.


The extensive content update at launch includes two brand new magical witch forest maps, a variety of decorative items for witches and hunters, as well as a series of extra challenges. Additionally, both classes will each receive a new unique ability, to offer players new gameplay possibilities. Finally, bug fixes and many improvements, including new SFX and atmospheric music, make for a more vivid and entertaining game.

Since its Early Access launch, Witch It has received numerous exciting new features such as the Creative Mode (incl. Steam Workshop support) with its community map editor, gameplay improvements, and cosmetic content. The dev team regularly hosts in-game events and has continuously improved the game based on player feedback. Due to the additional content and updates, the scope of Witch It as well as the pricing for the 1.0 launch version will increase soon.

Witch It
Witch ItWitch ItWitch It
Witch ItWitch It

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