Wipeout spiritual successor's Kickstarter has eight days left

Formula Fusion aiming at stretch targets, including a potential console release.

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Formula Fusion is the incoming anti-gravity racing game and spiritual successor to Wipeout, developed by Middlesborough-based R8 Games. The project is on Kickstarter at the moment, where it has been funded and currently sits on £49,529 (well above the £35,000 goal), but in the last eights days remaining of the campaign, the studio aims to obtain additional financing in order to offer a richer and more detailed experience, as well as reach additional platforms (Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita).

At the moment, Formula Fusion is heading to PC, and when eventually speeds onto the platform it'll include the following features:

- 21 tracks across seven stunningly themed environments plus a final battle arena, 'Main Stadium'

- Single-player, multiplayer, split-screen and competitive esports
Custom music, skin creator and team builder.

- Immersive soundtrack featuring Dub FX, CoLD SToRAGE and to-be-announced artists.

- No pay-to-win or subscriptions.

- Real world sponsors, plus a rich in-game universe created by The Designers Republic and VFX/Concept Artist Cenay Oekman (credited on titles such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Inception).

Formula Fusion is on Steam Greenlight as well, and the game is expected to be released at some point in 2016.


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