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Winnie the Pooh gets Chinese Overwatch players banned

Resetera report points to liberal use of the ban hammer for those referring to A. A. Milne's anthropomorphic teddy bear.

As you might know, it is something of a running gag to compare China's president Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh. While it might seem fun, the president himself and his authoritarian regime really don't think so, as explained by the comedian John Oliver in Last Week Tonight. In fact, it has already led to several ridiculous restrictions about even mentioning Winnie the Pooh, and this has now led to several bans for Overwatch players.

As reported on Resetera, Blizzard Entertainment is now banning Chinese players for even writing the words Winnie the Pooh, and this has led to people trying to trick each other into writing it by asking questions like "Who is the best friend of Tigger?". Complaints are being removed and so far there hasn't been any official statement from Blizzard themselves on this topic.

Memes like this led to China banning the movie Christopher Robin that was released last year.

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