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Windjammers 2

Windjammers 2 bringing back the frisbee action

There's a new visual style in town.

Released in 1994 on arcade terminals, the license Windjammers is still on the news in 2018, as Dotemu launched a modernised version of the game from SNK last summer on PS4 and PS Vita, which should arrive in the coming months on Nintendo Switch. But the adventure is far from over.

Dotemu has just revealed Windjammers 2 through an impressive trailer that was first unveiled in video released yesterday dedicated to the indie games expected on Switch. This sequel features hand-drawn 2D animations rather than an old-fashioned pixelated visual, not to mention new characters, levels, and other special moves, all of which we can expect next year.

Do you remember Windjammers?

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Windjammers 2
Windjammers 2Windjammers 2Windjammers 2

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