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Wind and solar power was used more than coal or gas power in the EU in 2022

For the first time ever, it beat out fossil fuels.

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The future is here. For the first time ever, renewable energy sources out performed fossil fuels as the EU's main electricity power source. As noted in a report by the climate thinktank Ember, it's said that wind and solar power accounted for over a fifth of the EU's electricity last year, and that this meant it beat out what gas or coal offered.

It should be said that this is both wind and solar power together against just coal or gas, as when you combine both the main fossil fuel categories, they do account for around 35% of total electricity generation.

As for what the main source of electricity was in the EU in 2022, that still falls to hydro and nuclear power, which account for just under 35% as a duo, meaning when you combine the fossil fuel categories, they are still the most used power sources.

Regardless of this, it does show that renewable energy power sources are becoming the norm, at least in the EU, and that 2023 will no doubt see an even better ratio of renewable against fossil fuels.

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Wind and solar power was used more than coal or gas power in the EU in 2022

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