Star Wars Outlaws

Will the Force be present in Star Wars Outlaws? Massive gives us the best possible answer

Outlaws may be a story about the underworld of the galaxy, but the energy that holds the Star Wars universe together cannot be separated from Kay Vess's story.

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2023 is shaping up to be a really good year in terms of big releases, and events like Summer Game Fest promise that 2024 will be no less. And of the games to look forward to next year, few can beat the hype around Star Wars Outlaws, initially unveiled at the Xbox Showcase and then expanded upon at the Ubisoft Forward event.

Massive Entertainment's title will be the first open-world game in the Star Wars universe, and that already entails things like huge sections of planets to explore, as well as the space between them. But when it comes to Star Wars, it's almost impossible to separate it from, as Obi Wan so aptly defined it in A New Hope, the "energy that holds the galaxy together". That is, the Force.

During our on-site coverage in Los Angeles, we had the opportunity to interview Chadi El Zibaoui, associate director of Star Wars Outlaws, and John Björling, associate narrative director of Star Wars Outlaws. An interview you can watch (and you have the option to turn on subtitles, if you want) below. And it was at that time that we asked the developers if Outlaws if the Force, the lightsabers and, ultimately, the great battle between the Bright Side and the Dark Side would be present here.

"I mean, the Force is everywhere, right?"

A somewhat cryptic answer, but one from which we gather that Kay Vess will also have to deal with these issues a little further away from galactic crime syndicates and professional smugglers. There is currently no confirmed release date for Star Wars Outlaws, but we'll keep an eye out for more information on its development.


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