Wii U lifetime sales hit 13 million, 3DS near 60 million

Nintendo has released its financial report for the April-June quarter.

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Nintendo has released its latest quarterly financial report, detailing hardware and software sales for the Japanese console maker. The numbers paint a bleak picture for the Wii U, further underlining the necessity of getting their current-gen console, codenamed the NX, into consumers' hands.

The Wii U sits at lifetime sales of 13.02 million consoles, a deeply unimpressive number compared to both the Wii and the GameCube, as well as the competing consoles from Microsoft and Sony. Even less impressive are the sales figures for the April-June quarter: Nintendo only sold 220,000 Wii U consoles in that time, a decrease of a whopping 53% year-over-year. On the bright side, game sales are up slightly. Nintendo sold 4.68 million games in the quarter, a year-over-year increase of 3%.

The 3DS remains the more popular choice of Nintedo hardware. The company sold 0.94 million 3DS consoles in the quarter, which is 7% fewer compared to last year, however software sales were at 8.47 million units, a 7% increase year-over-year.

Nintendo ended the quarter with an operating loss of 5.1 billion yen, and a total loss of 38 billion yen, due to currency exchange losses.

Looking forward, Ninteno will release Pokémon Sun/Moon in November, and Mario Party Star Rush in the autumn, both for the 3DS. There's the awesome-looking miniature NES replica console arriving in November, and Nintendo is also working on mobile versions of Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. It's worth noting that the company has no Wii U titles planned for release before the NX launches in March.

Wii U lifetime sales hit 13 million, 3DS near 60 million

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