Wii Mini launching March 22

Different launch dates for different countries.

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Nintendo has just announced that the Wii Mini will be launching in the UK on March 22, although as yet we've got no confirmation on pricing.

The remodelled console launched in Canada on December 7 last year, with a recommended retail price of $99.99. That equates to just shy of £65 GBP, which if maintained would make it vey affordable.

Wii Mini launching March 22

Following on from its launch last year, the Wii Mini is now set to arrive across Europe next month. Curiously the compact console will have several different release dates, with different territories set to have slightly differing launch times (in Spain the release date is March 27, in Sweden it's March 15).

To coincide with the Wii Mini's launch, Nintendo has added some games to their Nintendo Selects range. Mario Party 8, Wii Sports Resort, Mario Power Tennis and Super Paper Mario will all be discounted in time for the new-look console's release.

Wii Mini launching March 22

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