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Whispers of a Machine

Whispers of a Machine launching next month

Augmented detective Vera is on the case in a matter of weeks, as Raw Fury is delivering a "Sci-Fi Nordic Noir" adventure game.

Raw Fury has revealed on Twitter that point-and-click adventure game Whispers of a Machine will be coming on April 17 for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, meaning that you can experience the journey of augmented detective Vera in less than a month.

The game is described as "Sci-Fi Nordic Noir" on the Steam page, which as you might have guessed involves AI as well. Vera's past will also be involved in the narrative, meaning you'll question your sanity and your principles as you play.

As with games like Deus Ex you can choose your play style and your augmentations for puzzle-solving and investigative work, and the choice extends to the story as well. Beware though, because your choices will have drastic consequences for yourself and those around you.

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