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Which Bethesda adventure had most players complete the campaign?

Spoiler alert, not many people tend to make it to the end of Bethesda campaigns.

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When you take your first stumbling steps in a Bethesda role-playing game, you know for sure that you have at least 100 hours of adventuring ahead of you with a massive campaign lined with a semi-infinite number of side quests.

Many people have played titles in The Elders Scrolls and Fallout series and spent hundreds of hours without going through the story and others start them but never finish them for various reasons. But which of their games is actually the most played through? We now know, at least for Xbox (and one might suspect similar results for PC and PlayStation), after TrueAchievements.com checked how many people unlocked the Achievement you get when the campaign is completed - with the caveat that Fallout: New Vegas has no such Achievement and therefore we know nothing about it.

It turns out that the game that most people have completed after starting it is Fallout 3 where 35% of Xbox players worldwide completed the adventure. This beats the runner-up The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, where 30% of players completed it during the Xbox 360 generation (not counting later releases).

The least completed of Bethesda's games is Starfield, but on the other hand, it was the first game included with Game Pass at launch and therefore reached significantly more players than previous installments. One can suspect that a lot of people just downloaded it and tried it, before deciding to play something else instead.

How does it look for your own part, which Bethesda games have you played through the campaign and which have you left unfinished?

Fallout 3
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