Dirt 5

Wheel support is coming soon to Dirt 5

It's part of an upcoming 2.00 update that'll be free to all players.

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WRC 9 isn't the only recently-released racer to be receiving a pretty substantial update. Codemasters has just revealed that Dirt 5 will soon be getting a 2.00 patch, which will add wheel support, online improvements, and more. Sadly though, we don't have an exact date for just when this update will be rolling out, but it is planned to be a freebie.

Within a blog post, Codemasters confirms that wheel support will be compatible with all platforms that it has released for. It was also confirmed that the majority of modern wheels should work with the game, with recent devices from Logitech and Thrustmasters being fully compatible. Not all wheels will work then, but Codemasters has said that it is committed to further tweaks, and a list of compatible devices will be proved soon (likely when the update launches).

Elsewhere within the update, changes have been made to more easily enable players to find lobbies and events. More Online modes such as multi-class events are planned to be added too, and there will be a whole slew of bug fixes and enhancements for the next-gen versions.

You can find out more about the forthcoming update here.

Dirt 5

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