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Assetto Corsa

Wheel alignment issue on Assetto Corsa

And a Force Feedback recommendation.

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Assetto Corsa launched on consoles the other day and thus, as our review points out, it's bringing simulation to the racing genre on both PS4 and Xbox One, mainly thanks to its accurate physics and driving models.

But also, as is usually the case, you better have your racing wheel properly configured before the racing gets started, as you'll want the best possible configuration when you're aiming for the fastest times.

In this regard, we noticed a couple of things you better check out related to your racing wheel of choice.

Right Wheel

First off, there seems to be a sync/alignment issue with the wheel, at least on the Xbox One + TX Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Italia Edition (TX Racing Wheel Servo Base) setup we've been trying so far (we'll update this piece after trying more models on both consoles). No matter when you plug the wheel in, when the race is about to start it loses its centre and turns about 100 degrees to the right. It's not resetting the centre, as it actually turns the driver's hands and in-game wheel as well.

In order to fix this, and while we do expect an update patch from Kunos Simulazioni, the easiest way to solve it is to press the Xbox One Home button on either the controller or the wheel, and then coming back to the game, and it'll position correctly. You don't want to turn right when the red lights go off, do you? If you restart the race it'll stay right, but it will go wrong again once you get back to the main menu.

Force Feedback

In terms of FFB, the default values are actually pretty strong and rigid. You might want to work out your arm and back muscles while driving, but that's not the most realistic simulation. If you want more subtle, accurate response, you should tweak a bunch of parameters down. We'd recommend something along the following lines, but it of course depends on personal taste and even car/track of choice:

• FFB 60%
• Curb FFB -25% (it adds force feedback to every curb, even if they're flat on some particular circuits)
• Road FFB - 35% (depending on car class and suspension)
• Slip FFB - 0%, (unless you want it to show you're losing grip)
• Understeer FFB - 0% (unless you want it to show you're steering too much)

How has your racing wheel and force feedback experience with Assetto Corsa been so far on PC and consoles? Share it with others and feel free to suggest other config options below.

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