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Escape from Tarkov

What's in store for Escape from Tarkov in 2018?

Battlestate Games has major plans for their title.

Many new features are planned for Escape from Tarkov in 2018. The first-person shooter developed by Battlestate Games is heading towards an open beta having just recently seen the Interchage map announced. Now the studio has revealed the roadmap ahead for 2018.

First of all, among Battlestate Games' main objectives there's the idea to aim for more realism and further difficulty: to contribute to this aspect, for example, players will have to manually load their own weapons and this, as it is easy to guess, will require much more time as well forcing players to take a more tactical approach. This "excess of realism" will also be accompanied by new animations for the use of medical kits, food, and consumables, which of course can't be used in the heat of battle. But there's only one exception, that of stimulants, which for a certain period of time allow players to enjoy a greater level of alertness and readiness.

In addition, players will be able to customise and improve their hiding places, create different objects and special weapons, such as smoke grenades for use with grenade launchers, and of course with disruptive ammunition. Finally, new special bosses will be added, you can test yourself with personal surveys and maintain equipment, as well as change the look of the character in various ways. A market will also be made available where players can sell their items, change extraction points in the scenarios and a new Arena mode will be introduced, but for this Battlestate Games provides further details in the future.

For more information, you can take a look at the official blog post.

Escape from Tarkov

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