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Payday 3

What will Payday 3 on Unreal Engine 5 be like? Starbreeze says "we don't know exactly yet"

The developer has plans to upgrade to the powerful engine but hasn't quite figured out when that will happen.

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One of the promises that Starbreeze has made for the future of Payday 3 is that the game will eventually be upgraded to Unreal Engine 5. Speaking about just this, during our time in Cologne for Gamescom 2023, we asked Starbreeze's global brand director, Almir Listo, what this will mean for the game and how it will improve the Payday experience?

Listo replied: "We don't know exactly yet, right? Because currently we're working on finishing the game for launch, which is next month, and 21st of September. And the reason I say that is that we haven't defined an exact timing for it.

"We've said to the community that we are looking into doing it as quickly as possible in the post-launch. When that is exactly, we don't know. And how that affects the experience, we don't know either, right? Because it depends on what we choose to focus on. But I'm sure it's going to improve the experience for players in ways I hope they appreciate."

No doubt better graphics and performance is on the cards when this engine upgrade is introduced, but otherwise, and when it will actually happen, is up in the air right now. No doubt we'll know more once Payday 3 has launched and is playable on PC and consoles on September 21, 2023.

Be sure to check out the full interview with Listo below for more information about bringing Ice-T to the game, how years of developing Payday 2 has translated to this game, and more.


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