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Featured: Gamescom 2022 Coverage

What we know will be at Gamescom Opening Night Live

Here's what has been confirmed for the Geoff Keighley-hosted showcase.

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With Gamescom set to start in a few days, and with the Geoff Keighley-hosted Opening Night Live coming shortly beforehand, we figured that there's no better time to have a place where you can find a list of what we know will be shown during the showcase. You may be wondering how we already have this information. Well, Keighley likes to tease his shows quite aggressively, and has already revealed a list of games that will definitely be making an appearance in some form. So with that being the case, here's what we know will be at Gamescom Opening Night Live.

What we know will be at Gamescom Opening Night Live

Sonic Frontiers

Keighley announced a while back that Sega would be bringing Sonic Frontiers to Opening Night Live, and as for what we'll get to see here, we're told that a new trailer for the game will be shown. Will we get to know the game's exact release date? Hopefully, especially considering it's still set for a holiday period release window as of the current time.

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Unknown Worlds Unannounced IP

This is quite an unusual situation, as we're not sure what this game will actually be. Rather, all we know is that Unknown Worlds, the developer behind the Subnautica series, will be in attendance and giving fans a first look at its new IP, which is slated to be a "turn-based, sci-fi strategy game".

The Callisto Protocol

Keighley and developer Striking Distance have become two birds of a feather as of late, following The Callisto Protocol's rather extensive appearance at Summer Game Fest. So, it's not exactly a huge surprise that the game will be present at Opening Night Live. Here we can expect a new gameplay demo that is "a step beyond" the previous footage we received.

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Hogwarts Legacy

It may just have been delayed to February 2023, but Warner Bros. and Portkey Games are finally ready to show off more of Hogwarts Legacy. This will be an "exclusive look" at the title, so expect some more magic and wonder.

Gotham Knights

We're still months away from actually getting to play Gotham Knights, but developer Warner Bros. Montreal has already announced that the game has gone gold and is ready to launch. With this being the case, we can also look forward to a "brand new trailer" for the game during the showcase, to further give us a glimpse at this version of Gotham City.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human - Bloody Ties

Techland's Dying Light 2: Stay Human has already had a fairly large amount of post-launch content, mostly relating to new story chapters. But, it's almost time for the first paid DLC for the zombie game to debut, and it's precisely this that we'll see revealed during the Opening Night Live showcase.

The Expanse - A Telltale Games Series

It was back at the last The Game Awards when Telltale Games announced it was working on a narrative adventure based on The Expanse, which is why it's so fitting that the next time we'll be seeing the game is at another Keighley-hosted show. At ONL, we can expect a first look at gameplay for the title, so be sure to tune in for that.

High on Life

Squanch Games announced very recently that the original plan to get High on Life out this October won't quite be possible, and therefore made the call to push its launch until mid-December. Yet, even though the game won't be coming when it was originally expected, the title will still find itself appearing at ONL as "an exclusive new look".

Return to Monkey Island

Fans have been very critical about this game as more information and details about it seep out, which seems rather unfair considering the title has yet to actually launch and is still in development. Still, Return to Monkey Island will be shown off once again at ONL, in the form of a "brand new look".

Goat Simulator 3

We know exactly when Goat Simulator 3 will launch (November 17, 2022), which is why it's a little bit surprising that this year's Opening Night Live will feature the "world gameplay premiere" for the game. But it will, so if you're interested in seeing what sorts of wacky gameplay Coffee Stain Studios has in store, don't miss this one.

The Outlast Trials

Fans of horror are no doubt excited to see more of The Callisto Protocol, but ONL will have at least another truly terrifying game to keep an eye out for. The Outlast Trials will be making an appearance during the showcase, and it's here that we're promised "a brand new look" at the game, which will no doubt be frightening beyond belief.

Honkai: Star Rail

miHoYo has catapulted to acclaim thanks to the success of Genshin Impact, and while there's every chance that something relating to that game pops up, the developer will definitely be showing off "a new look" at its "upcoming strategy-RPG" title, Honkai: Star Rail.

You can check out Gamescom Opening Night Live right here, when it kicks off on August 23 at 19:00 BST / 20:00 CEST.

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