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What to expect from EA Play Live

And what we hope makes an appearance.

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We're only a few days away from the next major event in the video game calendar, EA Play Live. The showcase that will give us another look at what the massive publisher is expected to be bringing to the table over the next few months and years will be airing this coming Thursday, June 22, starting at 18:00 BST / 19:00 CEST. So, to get you up to speed on what we expect to see, and also what we'd like to see at the show, we've created this handy article.

What We Expect To See:

Battlefield 2042

There's no surprise here really. The anticipated continuation of EA's iconic shooter series will surely be making an appearance to give us even more gameplay and insight into what we can look forward to come October 22 when it launches. We've already seen plenty about this exciting title already, but that doesn't mean we aren't looking forward to seeing a little more.


Dead Space reboot

The rumours and reports about the reboot of Dead Space have been making the rounds for some time now, and all signs seem to point towards an official announcement at EA Play Live. Let's set the record straight, we probably won't be seeing all that much about this reboot, other than an acknowledgement that it exists, but it's about time for that if you ask us.

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FIFA 22 has officially been unveiled now, with returning star Kylian Mbappe gracing the front cover. While we're past the point of announcements, we can likely expect the next instalment into this massive franchise to feature heavily during the show. Whether you're a fan or not, FIFA is huge for EA, so expect this sporting titan to make up a decent portion of the show itself.

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Madden NFL 22

This is a tricky one really, because Madden NFL 22 is getting a dedicated Spotlight Series stream the day before (more accurately around 16 hours before) EA Play Live. Meaning, despite its size and notoriety, there's a good chance it won't appear at the show. But, we think it seems truly farfetched that EA doesn't at least have a trailer to drop on us, considering Madden is the US' equivalent of FIFA for the EA Sports name.

What to expect from EA Play Live

NHL 22

Following the trend of FIFA 22 and Madden NFL 22, we can expect NHL 22 to also make an appearance of some kind. Ice Hockey might not be your forte, at least for most of Europe, but this is again, one of EA Sports premier titles, so expect it to show up to some degree.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends, alike Battlefield 2042, appeared at the Future of FPS Spotlight Series stream a few weeks ago, but that won't be stopping Respawn from giving us something to look forward to in its battle royale. Considering the shooter's tenth season is right around the corner (it's expected to begin around August 4), we can probably expect some form of an announcement regarding what this will be about, perhaps even a new cinematic trailer to go along with it. Personally, we're hoping to also hear a little more about Apex Legends Mobile, and maybe even when we'll get to dive into that as well.

Knockout City

Ever since Velan Studios' sports title Knockout City launched a few months ago, the title has been met with quite a lot of success and quite a large community. We're expecting the title to feature at the show to some degree, even if it is only a trailer for a new season. Put it this way, we'd be a little miffed if it wasn't included.

Lost in Random

Part of the EA Originals line-up of titles, Lost in Random is coming from Zoink Games and is set in a world where every citizen's future is determined by the roll of a dice. The game has been officially announced, and we know the platforms it will be coming to: "all consoles, including Nintendo Switch and PC", so perhaps this EA Play Live will make for a ripe opportunity to give us a release date as well.

What to expect from EA Play Live

What We Hope To See:

An appearance from Codemasters

When EA Play Live takes place, F1 2021, the latest game from Codemasters will not even be a week old, but Codemasters is a pretty big studio, and is more than capable of working on multiple titles at once. We think, as this will be the first EA conference with Codemasters integrated into the publisher's umbrella of developers, that we can expect the racing game creator to show up to some degree. What they could be bringing to the table remains a mystery, however. A new iteration of Dirt? The next WRC game? Only time will tell.

EA Sports PGA Tour

It was only revealed a few months ago that EA Sports is back in the golf game and are once again producing licensed PGA Tour titles. Since that announcement, there has been very little noise about this game, making EA Play Live a great place to remind people that golf games can be fun, and worth your time.

What to expect from EA Play Live

Skate 4

There are few games that get us as truly excited as the prospect of Skate 4, and we're not alone in that. EA created an entire studio to work on this game, even bringing back a bunch of names from the franchise to ensure it's handled right, so we're really, really hoping to hear some news about this one during the show.

NBA Live 22

EA took a bit of a break from the NBA Live brand last year, entirely skipping an entry of the game, but we were told that the developers behind it still had plans to continue the series. While there has been little noise about it, this EA Play Live is making for a good chance to remind folks that NBA Live exists and that another entry is in fact coming at some point.

What to expect from EA Play Live

The Sims 5

The Sims 5 is coming at some point. We know this as Laura Miele, chief studio officer at EA, mentioned in an interview with Sims Community that the team is "hard at work on the next generation of that experience." Considering The Sims 4 debuted back in 2014, meaning it will probably be over seven years before we get the next entry into the iconic and beloved series, we think this EA Play Live is as good as any opportunity to get an announcement out there. We're hoping at least.

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