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What The Golf?

What The Golf? is now available on Apple Arcade

The delightfully unique golf game 'What The Golf?' is now available on all iOS devices, with a PC release following in October.

Triband's fantastically crazy golf game, or as the developers put it when we spoke to them at GDC earlier this year "the golf game for people who hate golf", fittingly titled What The Golf? has officially released on all iOS devices via Apple Arcade, so if you've been wanting to guide a golf ball into a hole moving around as you get close you can live that dream on your phone or tablet today.

If you'd rather play this delightfully crazy title on a different format you can do so on October 1 via Epic Games Store or later this year on Switch. The game will set you back £15.99 and you can pre-order it on the Epic Games Store right now at 25% off.

Check out GDC interview with Triband out below.

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What The Golf?

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