Weyrdlets are like Tamagotchis for your desktop

Take care of them in game, and they'll help take care of you outside of the game.

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Weyrdlets, the new virtual pet game from Weyrdworks, now has a release date. A game in the vein of Nintendogs and Animal Crossing, Weyrdlets gives you the chance to care for your very own virtual pet from the comfort of your desktop.

It works like this: at the start of the game an egg will hatch, giving you your Weyrdlet. From there, you'll build it a little home in-game, where you're also able to feed it, play with it, and give it a smack if it starts acting out.

Outside of the game, your Weyrdlet can be a useful desktop assistant. It'll dig away for in-game items, but it can also set reminders for you, tell you to drink more water, and just be an all-round decent pal.

The game is developed and published by Weyrdworks, and it'll release next month on the 23rd of July for PC. If you want to give the game a try for yourself, a demo is available now on PC via Steam as part of Steam Next Fest.


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