We've got more details on Valve's new shooter Deadlock

All 19 playable characters have been leaked.

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Recently, we reported that Valve's latest project was a 6v6 hero shooter called Deadlock. While details were light and they largely still are, thanks to a new report from Insider Gaming we have some more information on the characters in the game.

Currently, 19 characters are playable in Deadlock, each with their own unique design. While we don't have details on all of their abilities, their alleged names and descriptions can be found below:

  • Abrams - A gargoyle-demon like character

  • Bebop - A Red robot with what looks like a missing eye

  • Dynamo - Another robot

  • Grey Talon - A Native American character

  • Haze

  • Infernus

  • Ivy - An Imp

  • Kelvin

  • Lady Geist

  • Lash - A warrior

  • McGinnis - A welder or blacksmith

  • Mo & Krill - A monkey and pig duo

  • Paradox

  • Pocket

  • Seven

  • Vindicta - A vampire-looking character

  • Warden - A police officer

  • Wraith - A bounty hunter

  • Yamato - A samurai-looking character

As more details emerge on Deadlock, there's hope that we can soon get something official from Valve. In our initial report, it was believed that the game had been in development since 2018, so a good amount of work has been done in that time.


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