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Borderlands 3

We've got a very special Borderlands 3 livestream today

Dóri and Lisa are in LA to get a sneak peek at the Gearbox sequel, and we're able to share some of this with you tonight.

Update: It's live right here.

Update: We're hearing from the team in Los Angeles that there might be a delay, so there's every chance that we'll be bringing you our gameplay at a later point than originally advertised.

Apologies for the schedule change. We'll keep you posted here with any further information.

Original: Usually on our livestreams we show you a game from 15:00 BST (16:00 CEST) for a few hours, but today we have a very special stream that's looking ahead to a highly-anticipated game from Gearbox Software.

Yes, this is none other than Borderlands 3, and Dóri and Lisa are in Los Angeles for a special event for the sequel. We're able to bring you a stream from the event starting at 18:00 BST this evening (19:00 CEST), and here we'll be diving into the game early to test it out, so if you're a Borderlands fan then make sure to join us on our live page, because you won't want to miss this.

Borderlands 3