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Rainbow Six: Siege

We've got a sneak peek at Rainbow Six: Siege's Year 3 content

Including map reworks, new countries, an in-game event, and more.

São Paulo is currently hosting the Season 3 finals for the Rainbow Six Pro League, and during the event we got a sneak peek at the Year 3 content for the game between the two semi finals, giving us a taste of what's coming in the future, including a roadmap of what's ahead.

After reflecting on a "transitional and foundational year" in Year 2, community developer Justin Kruger said that Year 3 will be more "experimental" for the 25 million players the game has, with brand director Alex Remy adding that the game is "built to last."

Year 3 will keep the seasonal structure, one that's been working for Ubisoft, with quarterly content arriving as a part of this. First up in Season 1 is Operation Chimera, which won't include a map but will feature a co-op event called Outbreak instead, with both Operators having specialities in biohazard threats to match. The four-week event will have a "twist" on things, as Remy revealed, so we should expect something "you were not counting on." In regards to nationalities, from the flags on the roadmap we can see these two Operators will be Russian and French.

To talk about Outbreak a little bit more, customisation items will also be a part of this theme, and the full reveal of all this content (and some of the other stuff in Year 3) will be at the Six Invitational in Montreal in February.

Moving onto Season 2 of Year 3, these two Operators will be from the Italian GIS unit, with an Italian map to match, which looks set to be "really different from what we did in the past," according to Remy. While this is a more traditional season, Season 3 is a "hybrid season", as Remy called it, featuring a British and American Operator, with a map rework coming too. This will involve taking one map out of circulation and completely reworking it (including angles, destructibility etc.) as Ubisoft look to revisit and reassess all of the game's existing content.

Season 4 is one that Remy is particularly excited about, as this time it'll be a traditional season, with one map and two Operators, but this will be the first time the game visits Africa, as all of this content will be from Morocco.

One important thing to take away from the panel in Brazil is that there's a philosophy change with the game, as there are two maps next year instead of four, with the aim being to polish and maintain the game instead, reworking and adjusting existing content as time goes on.

Does this look like a promising year for Siege?

Rainbow Six: Siege

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