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We've been playing around with the M2 variant of the iPad Pro

The supercharged system uses Apple's latest chip.

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For most things other than gaming, Apple's M line of processors seem to be arguably the most powerful CPUs on the market. They provide incredible performance, but are made solely for Apple devices, and only some of these at that. Apple is working on bringing the M CPUs to more of its devices and this has most recently included the iPad family of tablets.

Previously, the iPad Pro had the M1 chip introduced, but now that the M2 is the new kid on the block, the iPad Pro has been updated again to feature this chip as part of its hardware, all as part of the 2022 iteration of the system.

We've recently got our hands on this device to see how the M2 supercharges and improves the iPad Pro, and to see our thoughts about this iteration of Apple's famous product line, be sure to catch the latest Quick Look below for a collection of facts and thoughts.


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