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Westworld season 4 starts on HBO Max in June

Been spending most their lives livin' in a gangsta's paradise...

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The first two seasons of Westworld are definitely something fans of LOST and other mystery shows should watch, as they offer some brilliant brain-teasers, drama and intrigue. Season three wasn't as good in my opinion because it had too many time-jumps and generally lacked the impact of the first two, but it still managed to keep me wanting more with an ending that made it very clear a fourth season was already greenlit. Which makes today's news very exciting.

HBO has released a new trailer revealing that Westworld season four will premiere on HBO Max June 26. Calling it a trailer might be misleading, however, as Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy and crew continue the show's tradition of giving us just enough to make some sense of where the story is headed while also leaving plenty of room to speculate. Two things that are absolutely clear though are that we'll see many familiar faces and that the show will explore some new eras.

Westworld season 4 starts on HBO Max in June

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