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Wes is BioMutant's "Q from James Bond"

He'll create you a plethora of mechanical inventions to utilise.

BioMutant is an open world action RPG in the works from Experiment 101, where you play as a furry raccoon-esque creature and can change your appearance and abilities through mutations and bionic prosthetics. It's coming from some former Just Cause developers, and we sat down with the head of the studio, Stefan Ljungqvist, to learn more.

One topic he touched on is the friendly faces you'll come across on your adventures. Wes is the name of one yellow fellow who's an inventor that can build a variety of inventions for you such as a mechanical hand that is a combat-oriented mount:

"We have this quirky character called Wes," Ljungqvist explained. "He's kind of our Q from James Bond. He's a little, yellow, furry guy that is an inventor. He builds, or he can build, a mechanical hand for you that you can ride, it's a wind-up hand, so it becomes a mount. That mount is more combat oriented."

He went on to explain that there's another shepherd character that can provide more traditional mounts that they call "genotes". They allow you to climb specific walls and unlock more areas of the map that may have previously been inaccessible.

Check out the full interview below. What do you think of BioMutant so far? Let us know in the comments.

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