The Legend of Zelda Movie

Wes Ball wields the Triforce of Wisdom asked about his favourite Zelda

Not answering doesn't mean not knowing about something.

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Last November Nintendo confirmed what for years was only the rumour (and dream) that millions of gamers and fans had been waiting for: The announcement of the production of a live action movie about The Legend of Zelda. The confidence that came from the success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie led Nintendo and Sony Pictures to also announce the director for the film, Wes Ball. Ball has extensive experience directing big-budget action films, such as The Maze Runner and Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. However, there was also a question among a section of the public: Will Wes Ball be the right man to direct this great adventure?

We will only be able to answer that question the day we sit down to watch the film, but at least we know that the director is not there just for the contract. Ball stopped to answer on the red carpet at the premiere of Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, where a media asked him what his favourite Zelda title was, to which he replied, not without some reflection: "I better not say".

We all know how the internet and socials work, and there were those who questioned Ball's role and his knowledge of the series. It seems that the director himself wanted to settle the matter by posting an image on X asking everyone to calm down and with the best possible answer.

"Calm down, guys. I'm one of you. I've learned from a wise man: when it comes to Zelda, it's best not to say anything, as things get misinterpreted."

That "wise man" we imagine is Shigeru Miyamoto, who is heavily involved in the film and TV adaptation division of Nintendo's franchises. And if the creator of Zelda himself has full confidence that Wes Ball is the right candidate to direct the film, who dares to challenge him?

The Legend of Zelda Movie

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