Phantom Abyss

We're venturing into the trap-filled depths of Phantom Abyss on today's GR Live

The roguelike was one of our favourites from Devolver Digital's recent E3 showcase.

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Although it might be a bit of a dry patch post-E3 for AAA games, the indie scene is still thriving with many new exciting titles releasing each week.

One of our favourites of these to release recently is Phantom Abyss, a roguelike with an intriguing hook, that we first learned about during Devolver Digital's E3 2021 conference. The game sees you explore trap-filled tombs Indiana Jones style to find hidden treasure and along your journey, you'll encounter the spirits of other fallen players. What is cool is that the tomb's layouts are never the same and you can monitor the actions of these spirits to prevent yourself from falling into the same pitfalls (sometimes literally).

To see just how many treasures we can claim, be sure to join us on our GR Live homepage at 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST. In the meantime though, you can read our preview of Phantom Abyss here.

Phantom Abyss

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Phantom Abyss

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