Jupiter Hell

We're taking a look at the Doom-inspired Jupiter Hell on today's GR Live

The roguelike has finally made its way out of Steam's Early Access.

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Today is a very special day for ChaosForge, as their Doom-inspired roguelike has finally been released after being in the works for 20 long years. Originally starting life as DoomRL (Doom the Roguelike) the project was forced to change shape and morph into an entirely original property after the developers were handed a cease and desist notice from Zenimax Media. The game contains the gory action and heavy metal soundtrack of the Doom series, but it mixes it with a turn-based shooting style and roguelike elements like permadeath.

So, what does a game in development for 20 years look like? Be sure to join us on our GR Live homepage at 3PM BST/ 4PM CEST to find out.

Jupiter Hell

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