The Long Journey Home

We're taken on a galactic tour of The Long Journey Home

Creative director Andreas Suika guides us through the intriguing sci-fi adventure.

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The Long Journey Home has an intriguing premise, with players tasked with bringing their crew back home after an experiment with faster than light travel goes wrong and they're stranded on the other side of the galaxy.

While we were at PAX East, creative director Andreas Suika gave us a demonstration of the game, talking us through some of the action from an early part of the adventure, showing us some of the things we might encounter as we attempt to bring our team home safely (well, at least one of them, not everybody has to survive).

After our guided tour Suika also confirmed that the game is heading to PC in late April or early May, with the console version of the game (PS4 and Xbox One) coming "later in the year." Check it out below.

The Long Journey HomeThe Long Journey HomeThe Long Journey HomeThe Long Journey Home

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