Detective Pikachu Returns

We're solving a mystery in Detective Pikachu Returns on today's GR Live

Join us for the opening hour of the Switch title.

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Today is the global launch day for Detective Pikachu Returns, a Pokémon spin-off and sequel that sees players solving a collection of mysteries taking place throughout Ryme City all alongside the super sleuthing, witty, coffee-drinking, grizzled electric mouse, Detective Pikachu.

Now that the game has made its debut on Switch, we're going to be jumping into the game on today's GR Live, where our very own Rebeca will be hosting and looking to play through the opening hour all at the usual time of 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST and at the GR Live homepage.

Be sure to drop by and for a further look at the game, be sure to read our review here or watch our video review below.

Detective Pikachu Returns

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