Say No More

We're playing Say No! More on today's GR Live

This self-described NPG (NO!-Playing Game) looks to be pretty hilarious.

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We're rounding out this week of streams by taking a look at one of the year's most wacky releases, Say No! More. This self-described NPG (NO!-Playing Game) sees you play as as an intern, who finally learns the magically word of no after being repeatedly bossed around. With this new word in this vocabulary, you feel truly unstoppable and nobody can stand in your path or tell you what to do.

To check out the first two hours of this hilarious looking game, be sure to head over to the GR Live homepage at 3pm BST / 4pm CEST.

Say No More

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Say No More

REVIEW. Written by Clover Harker

Say No! More is the world's first self-declared NPG (NO!-Playing Game). It's a silly game but one with a serious message.

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