We're playing GTFO: Infection with 10 Chambers Collective

The devs are joining us for today's GR Live ahead of the launch of the game's next major content drop.

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We liked GTFO when we got our hands on the Early Access version of the game following its launch at the very end of last year, and we're looking forward to playing the Infection update that's coming to the murky co-op shooter on March 31.

Ahead of the major update and the content it brings, we're getting an early look at the new challenges coming to the game with support from the developers in today's GR Live. Dóri and Lisa will be joining two members of 10 Chambers Collective for a deadly run under the surface, and our adventure is due to start today at 3pm GMT / 4pm CET.

To see GTFO in action and find out how our intrepid team of explorers gets on, make sure you tune in this afternoon or keep an eye out for the following Livestream Replay.


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