The Forgotten City

We're heading to a cursed past in The Forgotten City on today's GR Live

The adventure game from Modern Storyteller is filled with mystery, puzzles, and exploration.

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We're rounding out the week by heading to a past filled with mystery and intrigue, as we look to explore Modern Storyteller's latest adventure game The Forgotten City on today's GR Live.

Set in a cursed Roman city 2,000 years ago, this title asks players to unravel a strange plot at the core of the city that sees everyone die, should one person sin. With a time looping mechanic in effect that requires players to question, explore and solve puzzles to learn as much as possible about the circumstances plaguing the city before dying and starting from the beginning, this is one to watch if you're a fan of puzzling narratives.

We'll be going live to check out the first two hours of the game at the GR Live homepage starting from 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST, with Kieran hosting.

To get a taste of the game, be sure to check out the latest trailer below.

The Forgotten City

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Watch us play The Forgotten City

Watch us play The Forgotten City

NEWS. Written by Sam Bishop

We got a taste of the game at GDC last week, where we experienced the opening of the adventure that bends time in strange ways.

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