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We're going to play Valve's Artifact on GR Live

Question is, will we play our cards right?

Valve doesn't release new games very often, so when they do they're worth checking out. And that's exactly what's happening today when Lisa boots up Valve's hot-off-the-press card battler, Artifact, and talks us through the finer points of what the game has to offer and how it does things differently to the competition.

If you're intrigued to see what Valve has been working on, simply head to our GR Live page at 3pm GMT / 4pm CET and see the game in action.


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REVIEW. Written by Lisa Dahlgren

"Artifact looks absolutely stunning and it definitely feels like a Valve game, despite the fact that the studio is exploring a new genre."

Artifact is up on today's livestream

Artifact is up on today's livestream

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Dota 2's card game Artifact has just been released, giving us another game in the genre to compete with the likes of Gwent and Hearthstone, bringing its own mechanics and...

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