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Quake Champions

We're getting two more Quake Champions tournaments this year

One in the USA, one in Sweden.

The Quake World Championships are currently underway at QuakeCon in Texas, but now we know that Quake Champions esports is expanding, as Bethesda and DreamHack have unveiled two more tournaments this year, one in North America, and One in Europe.

First of all is the DreamHack Denver Quake Championship, running between October 20 and 22, with $75,000 USD up for grabs. Here we will see not only individuals face off, but also the 4v4 Sacrifice mode as well, with qualifiers for this event coming in September.

After that there's also the Quake Champions Invitational at DreamHack Winter in Sweden from December 1 to 4. Here the best international players will face off to get themselves a slice of the $350,000 USD prize pool, again in both Duel and Sacrifice mode.

Both will have open qualifiers (registration will be open on the DreamHack website) as well as a list of top pro players who will be invited to compete, with more details becoming available in the future. Does Quake Champions have a promising future as an esport?

Quake Champions

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