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We're getting behind the wheel of Overpass on GR Live today

If you want to see the intriguing new off-road racer in action, we're going to start up the engine at 3pm.

Overpass is a challenging but unique racing game that tasks players with getting behind the wheel of an offroad vehicle and then driving up rocky mountains and inaccessible dirt tracks. It's certainly not your standard arcade racer and that's why we thought we'd show you what it's all about today on GR Live.

To see how the new offroad racer by Zordix handles, we're strapping Kieran into an all-terrain buggy and unleashing him on challenging hill climbs and inhospitable racing courses starting at 3pm GMT / 4pm CET over on our Live Page. If you're intrigued by this unusual racing sim, which released today, we'll see you then.


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"It tries to do something different and we applaud the intention. That said, it felt a bit too lonely and frustrating at times."

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